Why ABC Bunkering

• Service excellence is our key priority,
• Professional and experienced Operations team.

Understand customers and be able to provide them with customized products and services bespoke to their needs. Thus Group’s strategy strived to offer a complete solution that ensures the customer receives the greatest benefit from the services and products offered.

Group follows two value disciplines:
• Operational excellence
• Customer intimacy


The main operations of the Group include physical supply and services network providing customers with a comprehensive solution to their bunkering needs while our business model allows to respond quickly to market fluctuations and capitalize on increased demand as evidenced by our financial performance.

By partnering with the industry majors, our physical supply covers the highest quality standards. The most common bunker grades we supply are:


HFO     MSDS    2005    2010    2017     

VLSFO    MSDS     2005     2010     2017

MGO     MSDS     2005     2010     2017

In addition to this, we also meet specific wishes on quality of intermediate grades, not specifically mentioned in ISO 8217.

Our Fleet

ABC operates owned fleet to provide our clients requirements to the  highest capacity on demand.

ABC through its affiliates manages a diversified fleet of 6 double hull Oil-Chemical Tankers.

Over the last years, the total deadweight of managed tankers increased to over 60,000 mt. There are further plans for the fleet  expansion with newly acquired ships, always considering reliable and environmentally friendly vessels.

Preventive maintenance system is in place to achieve the maximum reliability of our tanker fleet and to ensure the operation to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Prompt and well planned maintenance makes it possible to always provide first class bunkering services to our customers.

Recognizing that human resource management is an integral part of how a company is going to achieve its mission, we give great emphasis to the recruitment and development process of our people.

Well trained personnel is the cornerstone of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Agency Services

ABC Bunkering provides also maritime agency services through our local partners and strong network we maintain in the U.A.E.
Our services support owners, charterers, operators on their daily challenges. every day of the year. With personalize and customers’ oriented services, ABC has earned the trust of its customers for supporting them across the maritime supply chain.
Main agency services include but not limited the following:
  • Ship supply services (provision, stores, spares, fresh water, etc.)
  • Delivery services (CTM, spares, stores, mail, stores etc.)
  • Crew change clearance, travel arrangements, hotel accommodation.
  • Crew Medical Assistance
  • Garbage collection / Disposal services.
  • Marine Surveys, including bunker survey.
  • Under Water Hull cleaning and Diving surveys.
  • Under Water Hull cleaning and Diving surveys.
Robot Park Tower, Office No 205,
PO BOX 6953,
Tel. + 971 6 5288655