ABC Al Arabia Bunkering Company LLC.

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We offer our services around the clock
and we can provide fuel products and services
at very short notice, ranging from bunkers,
to fresh water and agency services,
both offshore and onshore.

We also offer services with our service boat n/v “RIA”,
running on speed of 15/kph, allowing us to provide
transportation supplies and all other related services.



  • Ship supply services
       (provision, stores, spares, fresh water, etc.)
  • Delivery services
       (CTM, spares, stores, mail, stores etc.)
  • Crew change clearance,
       travel arrangements, hotel accommodation
  • Crew Medical Assistance
  • Garbage collection / Disposal services.
  • Clearance of spares Import / Export
    ( Air and Sea Freight)
  • Supply and crew boat arrangements.
  • Marine Surveys, including bunker survey.
  • Under Water Hull cleaning and
       Diving surveys.
  • Fresh water supply at the berth and anchorage by barge.
  • Deslopping / Desludging facilities by barge.
  • OPL (Out of Port Limit) Attendance.
  • Magnetic Compass calibration certification.
  • Servicing / Calibration of safety and electronic equipments.
  • Provide a full agency service, includes but not limited to all cargo requirements and documentation inward / outward clearance.
  • Arranging Tugs, pilot, stevedores and other services, on behalf of the charterer.
  • Loading / Discharging Attendance
    (Cargo Inspection).
  • Ship to Ship (STS) Attendance.
  • Arranging mooring master, Fenders, Hoses etc., for STS operation.